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Nma Couture is a haute couture fashion house located in Houston, Texas founded by fashion designer CEO, Julie Nma Ihe. 

Established in 2017, Nma Couture specializes in curating bespoke, handmade wedding dresses and evening gowns for social affairs and special occasions that draw attention for their elegant and non-traditional appeal. Over the past five years, the innovative and dazzling creations of Nma Couture have been worn by and adorned by customers worldwide and from all walks of life. In Spring 2022, Nma Couture was recognized in the lifestyle section of Essence Magazine’s digital edition. Additionally, Nma Couture has continued to gain recognition on social media from fans and notable figures who are in love with her client’s dress creation process and big reveal videos.

When creating a custom Nma Couture gown, Julie takes an architectural approach to understand her client’s physical features, without compromising their overall comfort in the dress. She makes it an experience to ensure that when the final creation is revealed, her clients will rejoice with excitement! Wearing a Nma Couture gown is more than just a luxurious fashion statement, it is a love letter that tells a story captured in time with a beautiful gown,and entangled into the precious moments and experiences of our lives. 

This is where fashion meets elegance. 

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