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Meet  the Designer, Julie Nma Ihe

Nma Couture’s very own Julie “Nma” Ihe is the founder, CEO and the chief creative designer for a growing brand that has made a significant impact in the less than five years since her dream and vision was brought to life. "Nma" is Julie's native name which means "Beauty".

Julie is born and raised in Nigeria, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in statistics. After graduation, Julie’s professional career carried her into the finance industry where she worked as a head of customer service in one of Nigeria’s premier banking institutions. 

Apart from her successful career in banking, Julie was passionate about all things lifestyle, fashion and culture. Her passion and eye for fashionable details carried over into helping family and friends design and style their own clothing. 

A series of significant events in Julie’s life, including getting married and relocating to the United States in 2016, would eventually put Julie’s hobby into the forefront. Her husband, Gibson recognized his wife’s potential, and strongly encouraged her to learn how to sew clothing and gifted her a sewing machine. With absolutely no prior experience, Julie spent her first few months in the U.S. learning how to sew clothing and dresses from reading books, researching tirelessly and watching YouTube videos. 

As her knowledge in creating clothing quickly grew, so did her confidence. In under a year, Julie began to present her designs to family and friends, showcasing her work in local fashion shows, and gaining the attention of strangers at social gathers when wearing her own creations. 

In 2017, Julie officially launched her company and gained customers from all walks of life around the world, and has created gowns for notable figures and everyday patrons alike. During the pandemic in 2020, Julie started offering virtually consultation to her clients and still produced a perfectly fitted garment. This development has made it even more convenient for her clients that are not resident in Houston Texas.

Moving forward, Julie desires to continue to bring smiles to the faces of the women and girls who rely on her God's given talents to bring their own dreams to life.

Nma Couture’s first-ever bridal collection, The Dream Collection, was official released in November 2022, and is dedicated to every person who has ever dare to or have had their wildest dreams come to life, just like her. This is where fashion meets elegance.

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